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Aileen Colburn Elementary

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Parent Resources


NetSmartz Workshop ( - This website provides a wealth of information to parents and kids of all ages.  The site contains information regarding all aspects of technology including smartphone safety, cyberbullying, and identity theft (to name a few).  There are videos and presentations for parents and games to teach kids about digital citizenship and cyberbullying.

 Connect Safely ( - This website provided information to parents regarding cyberbullying:  what it is and how to stop it from happening.  There is a video library as well as tips and advice for parents who would like to know more about these issues.  A nice feature of the website is that it also gives parents book titles to educate their children about cyberbullying.

 CyberBullyHelp: Preventing Bullying in the Digital Age ( - This website provides tip sheets for parents, presentations for students, and the CDC brief on electronic aggression for parents and caregivers.  Their blog also provides the latest news regarding cyberbullying. ( - This is an excellent website for cyberbullying education and prevention.  There are specific sections for parents and students.  Through this website, parents and students can learn how to identify cyberbullying and how to handle it if it occurs.


Common Sense Media ( - This is a well developed website that contains information for parents about many topics facing our children in today’s digital world.  Some of the informational topics include social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), privacy issues, internet safety, cyberbullying, proper screen time limits, violence in the media, and many more.  The site contains articles as well as informational videos and links to other resources to learn even more about these topics.